Find Your Genius

Our individual and small group training is focused on helping you Find Your Genius by identifying and maximizing player’s unique skills and gifts. We believe each athlete has the potential to become an exceptional basketball player and person. Our training promotes growth by helping players understand their natural abilities and find a style of play to fit these skills and gifts.

Training options are included below. Sessions can focus on developing as a complete player, or in any of our specific mastery areas, including performance. Please email with any questions.


Basic Training

$40 / session
  • Individual Sessions
  • 60 minutes / session
  • FREE homework provided by trainer

Elite Training

$40 / session
  • 8+ sessions
  • 60 minutes / session
  • FREE assessment focused on Skills, Athleticism, Game IQ, and Body Type
  • Statistical feedback through measurement and testing
  • Film breakdown on player movements and mechanics, and positional gameplay
  • Feedback from other T3 Trainers
  • FREE homework assigned by Trainer
Best Value

Small Group Training

  • 2 players: $30 per athlete
  • 3-5 players: $24 per athlete
  • 6+ players: $20 per athlete
  • 60 minutes / session
  • Small groups allow for accountability, competition and sessions focused on team play and translation